Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Surprise! There's a 6th Book

Believe me, there's no one more surprised than me by this news.

Æerenden was done. Finito. Complete. Truly. I'd said goodbye to everyone. Mourned them, actually, since I've spent more than half my life with Meg in my head.


Well, I'm not entirely certain what happened. Meaghan and Nick are still gone. They're raising kids, leading a kingdom, being boring at the moment (because that's what they like). I'd tell you about it, but I can't seem to get into the castle.

Which brings me to the short story I decided to put together for my newsletter subscribers (something I will still owe everyone, it seems). Caide's been begging me to share what happened to him between the second-to-last and last chapter in the 5th book of the series, so I figured, "Why not?"

I started writing it. I had an outline. Then someone tried to assassinate Faillen and the whole thing took a left turn. Almost 80k words later, I have a 6th book (5.5? 5.9? Ugh. I have no idea how to number this one).

Why am I surprised? I plotted one book in the beginning, not a series, so a short story turning into a novel should've been on my radar. My characters have control issues. And no respect for following guidelines.

Cal shows up in this one. May, too. Faillen and Caide (of course), and Emma, plus a lot of new faces. We finally (finally!) get to meet the leaders of the other tribes and dive into Zeiihbu.

This book will break your heart a little. And make you cheer. It will make you happy, and think, and sigh. Really, you'll love this one.

Now to figure out when and how to release it. I need to save for editing and cover art. In the meantime, if anyone wants to beta read, send me a message on FB.

As always, all my love,

p.s. Faughn really wants a book too, so this time, I'm not going to claim it's the last. I *think* there's going to be an Oceiania book sometime in the future