Sunday, September 20, 2015

Operation Finish Book 4 (Word Count) Week 4

Week of September 20-26

Sunday 9/20
1,339 words today. I'm not loving the way this chapter is going. It feels "off", boring, and the characters aren't acting like themselves. I'm putting it up for the night and hopefully when I get out of my own way and let my subconscious take over while I dream, clarity will arise. Fingers crossed anyway.

Monday 9/21
11:30pm and the baby's crying. Guess I'm done for the night! On the plus side, my characters started behaving again and I've started rewriting that scene. I like it much better now :).

Tuesday 9/22
Now this scene is rolling. Great adrenaline rush :)

Wednesday 9/23
I may not get time to write today, but I have good reason...

Screenshot courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse DC website

Yeah, you know you're jealous!

Thursday 9/24
Although I've been working for hours this evening, I've only written 7 new words. I'm trying to get a difficult scene "just right" and I've never been good at saving it for editing rounds if something bugs me. Oh's progress, just not word count progress tonight! I'll spare you the screen shot :).

Friday 9/25
Goose Egg. 

Saturday 9/26
2,167 (forgot to get a screen shot)

Total word count for the week: 5,350 of the 5,250 word goal (phew! squeaked by on this one)

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