Monday, April 1, 2019

5 Affirmations for Writers

This is a list of encouragement for those who, like me, don’t write a book a month. For those who feel discouraged because they can’t find the time to put in an hour a day or even a sentence every few days, who don’t have awards or accolades or agents. (And maybe this is for those who do if they need to hear it)

This is for those who may be disorganized, who have busy lives with kids or extended families who need care. This is for the single parents, for the parents who manage the household by themselves because their partners travel, and for anyone who feels overwhelmed by life's duties.

This is for those who have medical challenges, for those who juggle multiple jobs or have little support, who go to bed at midnight and get up at 5am just to fit their obligations into the day.

This is for those struggling with depression or anxiety or other mental illnesses and learning challenges that make words and ideas vaporize when they're needed most.

This is for everyone I’ve mentioned and those I haven’t who are passionate about what they write, even if at this point in their lives writing cannot be their first priority.

This is a list for encouragement because if you dream about words and stories, you are a writer, and I don’t want you to forget or give up.

Hang this list on your mirror and repeat it every day until you believe it. I’ll be doing the same.

5 Affirmations for Writers

1. Each day, I am doing my best
Some days my writing will flow like a swollen river. Some days it will trickle, and some days, I may not write at all. Every day will be different. I may not always be able to control them, but as long as I do my best, I will achieve my goals.

2. Writing is not a race
Every author's story is unique. If someone else finishes five books or ten in the time it takes me to finish one, their accomplishments do not take away from mine. Every story will be told in its own time. It isn’t milk; it doesn’t have an expiration date.

3. Single words make sentences
No one can write a sentence without words, a paragraph without sentences, or a book without paragraphs. If I have only one minute to write a week, I will take it and be proud. Every word I write brings me closer to finishing my story.

4. Passion is perseverance
Blank pages will eventually yield to words if I refuse to yield to the blank pages. After all, passion is not created by good moments; it’s forged by weathering seemingly impossible ones.

5. I will compare myself to no one
My life is distinct, filled with experiences that have shaped a voice equally distinct. Rather than expect my voice to echo someone else's accomplishments, I will use it to tell MY stories. Only then will I truly understand success.

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