Friday, February 7, 2020

A Thought on Black History Month 2020

It has recently come to my attention that The Shadow Guard has been added to a reading list for Black History month because one of my main characters, Faughn, is black. While I appreciate the sentiment intended by including TSG on the list, and I applaud highlighting more inclusive role models in books (and believe me, we need a LOT more inclusivity in publishing), I would encourage anyone looking for reading material for Black History Month to seek out books that offer a better understanding of black history and/or are written by black authors. If you're curious what some of those might be, I've compiled a list of lists below (there are, of course, other excellent lists all over the Internet, so be sure to explore whatever resources you have available to you).

Also, many public libraries have extensive free programs this month for people to become involved with reading and discussing books for Black History Month and learning more about black history. Please be sure to check those out in your local community! 

For those who want more information on why this month is so important, visit the African American History Month site. There's a wealth of historical information here, as well as additional resources for further reading and research.

If you have other learning or book recommendations, please feel free to add them in the comments.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Surprise! There's a 6th Book

Believe me, there's no one more surprised than me by this news.

Æerenden was done. Finito. Complete. Truly. I'd said goodbye to everyone. Mourned them, actually, since I've spent more than half my life with Meg in my head.


Well, I'm not entirely certain what happened. Meaghan and Nick are still gone. They're raising kids, leading a kingdom, being boring at the moment (because that's what they like). I'd tell you about it, but I can't seem to get into the castle.

Which brings me to the short story I decided to put together for my newsletter subscribers (something I will still owe everyone, it seems). Caide's been begging me to share what happened to him between the second-to-last and last chapter in the 5th book of the series, so I figured, "Why not?"

I started writing it. I had an outline. Then someone tried to assassinate Faillen and the whole thing took a left turn. Almost 80k words later, I have a 6th book (5.5? 5.9? Ugh. I have no idea how to number this one).

Why am I surprised? I plotted one book in the beginning, not a series, so a short story turning into a novel should've been on my radar. My characters have control issues. And no respect for following guidelines.

Cal shows up in this one. May, too. Faillen and Caide (of course), and Emma, plus a lot of new faces. We finally (finally!) get to meet the leaders of the other tribes and dive into Zeiihbu.

This book will break your heart a little. And make you cheer. It will make you happy, and think, and sigh. Really, you'll love this one.

Now to figure out when and how to release it. I need to save for editing and cover art. In the meantime, if anyone wants to beta read, send me a message on FB.

As always, all my love,

p.s. Faughn really wants a book too, so this time, I'm not going to claim it's the last. I *think* there's going to be an Oceiania book sometime in the future

Monday, April 1, 2019

5 Affirmations for Writers

This is a list of encouragement for those who, like me, don’t write a book a month. For those who feel discouraged because they can’t find the time to put in an hour a day or even a sentence every few days, who don’t have awards or accolades or agents. (And maybe this is for those who do if they need to hear it)

This is for those who may be disorganized, who have busy lives with kids or extended families who need care. This is for the single parents, for the parents who manage the household by themselves because their partners travel, and for anyone who feels overwhelmed by life's duties.

This is for those who have medical challenges, for those who juggle multiple jobs or have little support, who go to bed at midnight and get up at 5am just to fit their obligations into the day.

This is for those struggling with depression or anxiety or other mental illnesses and learning challenges that make words and ideas vaporize when they're needed most.

This is for everyone I’ve mentioned and those I haven’t who are passionate about what they write, even if at this point in their lives writing cannot be their first priority.

This is a list for encouragement because if you dream about words and stories, you are a writer, and I don’t want you to forget or give up.

Hang this list on your mirror and repeat it every day until you believe it. I’ll be doing the same.

5 Affirmations for Writers

1. Each day, I am doing my best
Some days my writing will flow like a swollen river. Some days it will trickle, and some days, I may not write at all. Every day will be different. I may not always be able to control them, but as long as I do my best, I will achieve my goals.

2. Writing is not a race
Every author's story is unique. If someone else finishes five books or ten in the time it takes me to finish one, their accomplishments do not take away from mine. Every story will be told in its own time. It isn’t milk; it doesn’t have an expiration date.

3. Single words make sentences
No one can write a sentence without words, a paragraph without sentences, or a book without paragraphs. If I have only one minute to write a week, I will take it and be proud. Every word I write brings me closer to finishing my story.

4. Passion is perseverance
Blank pages will eventually yield to words if I refuse to yield to the blank pages. After all, passion is not created by good moments; it’s forged by weathering seemingly impossible ones.

5. I will compare myself to no one
My life is distinct, filled with experiences that have shaped a voice equally distinct. Rather than expect my voice to echo someone else's accomplishments, I will use it to tell MY stories. Only then will I truly understand success.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

10 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway DAY 10

Our tenth and final book in the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway is Heart of Destiny by Susan Faw.

Kidnapped by dragons, ten young women devise plans to bring down a magical barrier before an evil emperor can stop them. The fight for freedom and the ultimate control of all magic has begun. Love dragons, genies, and heroic women? Then grab this series starter for free!

Get your free ebook download here and thank you for joining us for our special holiday giveaway!

Did you find any new favorite books during these last ten days? If so, share which ones in a comment below.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Friday, December 21, 2018

10 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway Day 9

Our ninth book in the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway is The Witchling Apprentice by B. Kristin McMichael.

Witches, potions, and magical spells—that all made sense, but men turning into animal-like monsters in the middle of the night? That had to be fiction, right? Wrong. Cassandra Booth thought her world of witches would be complete when she joined her coven. Fate didn’t plan to let that be the case for her. Joining the coven brings new knowledge, like mates and men as animals, all things Cassie would rather not know. As her plans unravel she must find a way to join the coven without committing her life to a guy she once was friends with and now hates.

Get your free ebook download here and be sure to come back tomorrow for our Day 10 book giveaway.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

10 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway DAY 8

Our eighth book in the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway is Rogue by Bree M. Lewandowski.

War was imminent. It was only a matter of time before it reached her lands.

The Rubiconds were marching to attack Meridionalis which would only end in a battle of bloodshed and lives lost, but after receiving a letter from the father she had never known, Abra Arendel sets off on a quest to meet the only parent she has left.

While on her journey, an unfortunate incident leaves her fatally wounded and left for dead. Regaining consciousness, she finds herself in a bathhouse where she meets a charismatic smuggler named Saya.

Needing to blend in among the wealthy to sell ill-gotten gains, Saya proposes a scheme for he and Abra that will benefit them both. But the plan goes sour when passions ignite and vengeance rears its beautiful head.

Desperate to reverse a spell cast on him suddenly, Saya reaches out to Kohl, the one person in the Court of the Rising Sun that he knew could help.

Tensions are high and so are the stakes in this fantastic tale of love, loyalty, and fate.

The saga continues with Rogue!

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

10 Days of Christmas Book Giveaway DAY 7

Our seventh book in the 10 Days of Christmas Giveaway is Trailer, Get Your Kicks by Karen Musser Nortman.

Lynne McBriar swore her vintage trailer would stay in a museum where it would be safe from further time travel. But when a museum in Texas wants to borrow it, she determines that she must deliver it herself. Her husband Kurt convinces her to take it along Route 66 for research he is doing. What starts out as a family vacation soon turns deadly. Travel can be dangerous any time, but when your trip involves the Time Travel Trailer, who knows where (or when) you will end up? The family encounters early restaurants and motels along the Mother Road and even runs into a little romance.

Get your free ebook download here and be sure to come back tomorrow for our Day 8 book giveaway.