Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Pronunciation Guide

The following pronunciation guide applies to all books in the Ærenden series. It's in alphabetical order, with the exception of Ærenden, since that's my top request. I'll be sure to update it as each book is released.

Note: Since I'm not a linguist, the guide is more of a "sounds like" than a proper key. If anyone is an expert at these things and wants to create a proper key, let me know :).  

If I've missed something you want to see on the list, email me or comment and I'll add it.

Ærenden = Air-uhn-den
Adara = Uh-dare-uh
Adelina = Ad-uh-leen-uh
Akaya = Ah-kay-ah
Alcent = Awl-cent
Aldin = Al-din
Allestone = Al-stone
Anissa = Ah-niss-ah
Aristos = Air-ih-stahs
Artair = Arr-tare
Asif = Ay-siff
Astasia = Ahs-tay-shia
Beolagh = Bee-oh-lah
Cadell = Kay-del
Caide = Cayd
Caldon = Kal-duhn
Cashia = Cash-eh-ah
Cissiline = Sis-uhl-een
Edáire = Ed-air
Élana = Ay-lahn-ah
Ellida = Ell-ee-duh
Emalía = Ay-mall-ee-uh
Eudor = You-door
Faillen = Fal-uhn
Faughn = Fawn
Finnil = Fin-l
Garon = Gair-uhn
Iria = Eer-ee-uh
Iza = Eye-zah
Jicab = Ji-kuhb
Kadel = Ka-dell
Laegoli = Lah-ay-go-lee
Maiyahla = Mahy-ah-luh
Malaki = Mael-uh-kye
Mardróch = Mahr-drohk
Mauraetus = Moor-ah-ay-tus
Mycale = My-kal
Neiszhe = Nee-shuh
Nickaulai = Nik-oh-lie
Oceiania = Osh-ee-an-ee-ah
Origio = Oh-ridge-ee-oh
Paecis = Pah-ay-seez
Sabian = Say-bee-ehn
Stilgan = Still-gan
Talea = Tal-ee-uh
Túrú = Too-roo
Zeiihbu = Zay-boo
Zellíd = Zell-eed
Zeyed = Zay-ed

Ancient Æren Words
Although the ancient Æren words have no known pronunciation for the modern people of Ærenden, I'm providing the closest approximation of all ancient Æren words mentioned in the books for your reading enjoyment. 

Cáen`i = Kay-ah-nu-eye (a small breath, kind of like a pause, goes between the n and i, which is what's denoted by the mark)

Y~nçy~ndí = In-Sind-ee (the character y~ is actually a letter in the Æren alphabet; no pause is needed here)

Illú’my~nní = Ill-loo-min-knee  

last updated 15 March 2020

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