Monday, February 3, 2014

One Sentence Challenge: A Tornado

Starting this week, I'll be offering a one sentence challenge to anyone who wants to try their hand at telling a story in as little space as possible. I'll provide the topic; you comment with your sentence. It's as simple as that. For now, there are no prizes and no winners, though I will highlight the three sentences I like best at the end of the week (and link to those people's websites, if they're provided). Now that I have the LE bookmarks, there actually will be ONE winner every week who will receive a red-ink bookmark. :)

Don't consider yourself a writer? Don't worry. It's just for fun. So have at it. 

This Week's Topic: A tornado.

Example (just a throw-together; I'm sure you can do better!): Nature stirs the air with a negligent finger, pulling water from the sky, dirt from the earth, and releasing both within the wrath of her violent howl.

1 comment:

  1. I'm not a creative writer ( heck, I'm not a writer at all!), so here goes nothing:
    Debris is flying in the sky: shingles, doors, even a car or two, twisting and whirling violently, until it suddenly subsides and all is silent.