Sunday, September 27, 2015

Operation Finish Book 4 (aka Word Count) Week 5

Week of September 27-October 3

Sunday 9/27
I ran my first official 5K in more months than my screaming muscles want to think about, but it was a good day. Much like writing, after you've been out of it for a while, it takes time to get back up to speed. I'm far from speed with running, but my writing muscles are definitely getting back in shape.

On a side note, I'm about 90% certain my word count is going higher than 100K. The person who guesses closest to my final word count, without going over, will win four limited edition, signed bookmarks (one of each color) for their collection. Post your guesses in the comments and make sure you keep checking this blog to find out if you've won.

Monday 9/28
Busy day! Finished another chapter and outlined the last 7 chapters (or 9, depending on how I decide to break up the scenes while I'm writing them). The outline is another 504 words I didn't include in my tally for the day. I can't believe I'm so close to finishing! Someone send sleepy dust for the kids so I can get the first draft done by the end of next week. Or even this weekend, if the stars align :).

Tuesday 9/29
846 (forgot to get a picture :-p)

Wednesday 9/30
109...No picture today either. I'm starting to notice a pattern. Wednesday through Friday is very difficult for writing, due to kids' schedules and other obligations. I may have to play with word counts to increase early in the week and slack on these three days.

Thursday 10/1
Too late, too tired. Blech.

Friday 10/2
Look what happens when we get nap time down! I might get time to do more later today, but we'll see. Evening was a huge success too :). Combined count screen shot is below. Fingers crossed this weekend goes well. If I manage it right, I *might* get the book done by Sunday night or mid-week next week at the latest :D.

Saturday 10/3
Just about three chapters left. Think tomorrow will see the words "The End"?

Total word count for the week: 9.835 of the 5,250 word goal

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